Use the right equipment to work smarter, not harder.  In TOOL TECH, the HIR team explores what's new, as well as what's tried and true—from power tools and safety gear to hand tools and fasteners.

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    Use a straight ladder atop a staircase with the Ladder-Aide accessory.

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    Ladders in Focus

    Everyone thinks they know about ladder safety … including the more than 100 people who die each year in ladder-related accidents, as well as the thousands who suffer disabling injuries.

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    Little Giant King Kombo

    Little Giant puts a new spin on the traditional stepladder. The HIR staff tested the new King Kombo 3-in-1 All-Access Ladder Model 6-10.

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    No Bull Ladder Stabilizer Bumpers

    The No Bull Bullhorn Ladder Stabilizer Bumpers
    (2-Pack) are heavy-duty, non-skid rubber guards that protect your siding and other work surfaces.

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    Raise an Extension Ladder Properly

    The easiest way to raise a long extension ladder is to do it with two people. One person “foots” the first rung, holding the bottom of the ladder securely to the ground, as the second person walks toward the house with the other end of the ladder, raising it with the first person’s help, as needed.

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    The Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder

    The HIR staff had the opportunity to test a new 17-ft. Werner Multi-Position Pro, which functions as five ladders in one and can be configured into 24 positions.

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    Vosker V200 Wireless Security Camera

    We had the opportunity to test the Vosker V200 Wireless Security Camera — a system that works without Wi-Fi and interfaces with your mobile device using LTE connectivity.

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    Werner Quick Click Stabilizer

    The Werner Quick Click Stabilizer protects work surfaces such as roof edges, windows and gutters from damage by an extension ladder.

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